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Why is a scrub so important?


Scrubs are used to exfoliate the skin which removes dry, flaky, dead skin cells. Exfoliation also removes grime, pollution, and bacteria. It helps problem skin become healthy and glowing. Exfoliation helps improve acne by opening pores and restoring the oil balance in your skin. It helps heal dark or red marks, moisturizes dry skin, and smoothes skin. Sugar scrubs create a gentle abrasion that is safe for use on your face.


Sugar contains natural alpha hydroxy acids which remove dead cells that can clog pores and it also helps moisture retention. The scrubbing action increases blood circulation and helps support the collagen under the skin.


Course salt scrubs are for rougher skin – calloused feet, elbows, etc. Salt scrubs smooth dry, rough skin and increase blood circulation.


My scrubs are in an oil base which leaves skin soft, smooth and with the proper oil balance.