Oil Cleansers

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  • 2 oz. jar


    What?  Clean your face with oil?  I admit I was skeptical when first researching oil cleansers.  But they work.  Oil cleansers operate on the principle "like dissolves like."  The cleansing oil mixes with the oils on your face and binds to the surface impurities then gets rinsed away.  Many commercial oil free cleansers strip away our skin's natural oil and cause our skin to produce more oil to rebalance it, which causes problematic skin.  Oil cleansers restore the skin's natural pH balance, keeps it from production overload, and are naturally antibacterial.  Gentle enough for everyday use.

     Directions for use: Gently massage a quarter sized spot of cleansing oil into your dry face for about a minute.  Wet a clean washcloth in hot water and wring out.  You want the washcloth as hot as you can stand without burning.  Open the washcloth and lay it over the face.  This will create steam, which will help release the impurities from your face.  After the washcloth is cool (about 30 seconds), wet it with hot water again and lay over the face.  When the washcloth is cool, wipe away and excess oil.  Your skin will feel clean, soft, and hydrated.  The cleansing oil removes the impurities and gets washed away.

    Oil cleansers are available for dry, normal, and oily skin.  Cleansers for normal and oily skin are good for acne prone skin and are available with the addition of tea tree oil for extra antiseptic properties.

    Cleansers for oily and normal skin contain castor and sunflower oils.  Cleanser for dry skin contains olive oil and coconut oil.